ZHT: A Light-weight Reliable Persistent Dynamic Scalable Zero-hop Distributed Hash Table

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  • Authors
    • Tonglin Li
    • Xiaobing Zhou
    • Kevin Brandstatter
    • Dongfang Zhao
    • Ke Wang
    • Anupam Rajendran
    • Zhao Zhang
    • Ioan Raicu
  • Year: 2013
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A supercomputer is a device for turning compute bound problems into I/O bound problems

β€” Ken Batcher

  • Designed for high performance computing and supercomputers
  • Use case has roughly 1:1 ratio of servers and clients
  • Beyond a DHT: also data availability and uptime
  • Roughly a key-value API
    • insert, remove, lookup, and additionally append
  • How
    • Partition the key space into a ring
    • Replicate slices of the key space
    • Nodes enter and are given a key space adjacent to an existing one on the ring to replicate their partition
      • This key space can later be split if needed
      • On unexpected node exit, the replicated node provides availability, and asks others to replicate it
    • Many partitions/nodes per physical system with a single β€œmanager”
  • Built a distributed file system (FusionFS)
  • Outperformed memcached in their tests, esp as the number of nodes grew