Hey there, I'm [[Brooklyn Elizabeth Zelenka|Brooke]], a composer-turned-programmer living in beautiful, rainy [[Vancouver, Canada|Vancouver]]. You can find me most places online as [[Brooklyn Elizabeth Zelenka|@expede]]. I'm the cofounder and CTO at [[Fission Codes|Fission]]. ## Projects ✍ Depending on the community, I'm best known for: - [[User Controlled Authorization Networks|UCAN]]: a form of distributed, user-owned [[JSON Web Token|JWT]] + [[Simple Public Key Infrastructure|SPKI]] authorisation - [[Interplanetary Virtual Machine|IPVM]]: a distributed scheduler & runtime based on the open world model - [[Witchcraft]]: a port of [[Haskell]] idioms to [[Elixir]] - Writing some [[Ethereum Improvement Proposal]]s ## What I'm (Currently) Excited About 🎉 - [[Programming language]]s (and related [[programming language thoery|theory]]) - [[Distributed systems]] & [[Local-first|LoFi]] - [[Database]] design & [[CRDT]]s # Where to Start 🏁 - [[Conference Talk|Conference talks]] - [[Paper|Papers]]