Switched the site over from Obsidian Publish to Quartz and hosted on Cloudflare Pages. Quartz 4 is a big step up from Quartz 3, though I still find it to be a strange mix of “here’s some quick config” and “time to fork and edit some source code”. I do appreciate the customization that this affords me, though. I never liked the GUI publishing manager in Obsidian, and just wanted to manage this with frontmatter — that’s an option with Quartz.

I’ve also stopped using the Obsidian desktop application in favour of the obsidian.el emacs package. So far the only thing I’ve missed is having live LateX rendering. I find myself taking more notes since iTerm2 includes Quake-style popover functionality.

We’ll see how it goes. I’m cautiously optimistic 🤞